Thursday, May 10, 2012

20 Worst Celebrity Haircuts

It can’t be easy being in the public eye, but what were these celebs thinking?!

First up, American sweetheart Katy Perry. Although never shy of a quirky look, the blue and purple hair was definitely a step too far. 

Rainbow is a no-no, as modelled by Made in Chelsea’s Gabriella Ellis.


King of bad hair, Rod Stewart, has had the same peroxide locks for decades…and it still doesn’t look good. 

Gossip Girl’s Taylor Momsen shows that you can have too much of a good thing. 

 No bad hair list would be complete without an appearance from Donald ‘Toupée’ Trump. 

Russell Brand’s famous barnet defied both gravity and good taste. 

Shakira takes inspiration from Captain Jack Sparrow. 

Justin Bieber tried to make bowl cuts cool…and failed. 

Avril Lavigne, Halloween hair is acceptable for one night only. 

Amy Winehouse’s beehive was un-bee-lievable. 

You can hide in under a hat Sir Bob but we still know it’s there. 

Not just one member of Steps, but all of them are fully qualified for the bad hair hall of fame. 

Just brush it Boris. 

Did Christina let one of her kids cut her fringe?!

As shown earlier by Katy Perry, purple is not a good look. Kelly Osbourne’s new do is no exception.

Simon Cowell’s short-back-and-sides. 

The now iconic Victoria Beckham was not always so style-savvy. 

Goldie Hawn looks more Golden Retriever with this shaggy do. 

Pink bad hair choices, are almost as famous as her music. 

And finally, a blast from the past and something Sarah Jessica Parker surely wants to forget…